Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floor coatings are popular as homeowners are looking for ways to improve their home for both aesthetic and financial benefits. Because garages are being repurposed as workshops, play areas, craft rooms and home offices, more homeowners are finishing their garage floors. A coated garage floor will resist oil, dirt, water and grease, creating a surface that is easily cleaned.

If you have a cement floor with unsightly stains, are tired of tracking dirt into your home and are tired of the same old ugly concrete, Amazon Coatings can provide a look that will make you smile! Here’s a brief description of the coatings we provide.

Franko GarageAn Epoxy Floor Coating is a cost effective, general purpose; low odor coating with excellent bonding properties. Epoxy Coatings are used indoors, are durable and easily cleaned.  If your intentions are to have a garage floor that is clean and is used, primarily to park your vehicles, then look no further. Refer to our Standard Color Chart for your color selection.


garage-floor-epoxy phoenix azIf you’d like something a bit more durable, upgrade to our Epoxy and Polyurethane Coating; a true Performance Coating that provides high abrasion and scratch resistance, easy soil release and excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals. Overall, your garage floor will look new for a longer period of time.  For color selection, refer to our Standard Color Chart.


For a look that is a bit more decorative, how about a Vinyl Chip System.  Sometimes called Granitex, Color Flake or Speckled Coating, these Granite look coatings provide a floor system for your garage that is a bit more durable due to the application of chips and multiple coats of product.  In most cases, the application of the chips are for aesthetic reasons, however, a chip floor will help to camouflage a floor that is chipped or damaged. The overall look, and cost, will be dependent upon how many chips are broadcast onto the surface. For color selection, refer to our Granitex Color Chip Chart.

Examples below are chip coverage options (multiple color options available).

garage floor epoxy chip optons