Swimming Pool Deck – Care of your Deck Coating – Gilbert AZ

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Swimming Pool Deck

Lace Deck Coating with Flagstone Border

The heat has arrived and time to hit the swimming pool.  Your pool has been cleaned and the water chemically balanced….but, what about your swimming pool deck?  Hose off your deck and give it a quick check.  Is the deck stained? Is the coating starting to peel or flake?  Do you see cracks in the pool deck?  With just some simple care, you can extend the life of your decking, help minimize costly repairs and keep your deck cool!

Five things to extend the life of your pool deck coating

1.)  Wipe up food, oils or drink spills to avoid staining

2.)  Immediately remove fertilizer or pool chemicals

3.)  Keep plants elevated to prevent stain ring

4.)  Occasionally hose off the deck with a high-pressure nozzle to prevent dirt and stains from being ground into the surface

5.)  Always replace the “feet” on tables and chairs to prevent scratching your deck coating

Ready to have your pool or patio deck coating sealed, cleaned or repaired? Or maybe you’re just ready for a change.  Don’t start your summer swimming season with an ugly pool deck.  We are here to help!  Amazon Coatings has provided decorative concrete coatings to the Phoenix Valley since 2001.  Contact us TODAY!!

Remember, stay safe and cool in your pool!