Concrete Pool Deck Repair | Flagstone Border | Phoenix AZ

Concrete Pool Deck – BEFORE

Concrete Pool Deck Repair with Flagstone Border – This is a concrete swimming pool deck repair we recently completed.  The before photograph shows how the original “cool coating” had chipped away from the concrete pool deck.  This can happen for a number of reasons.  Over time, wear and tear can cause the concrete coating to break loose from the pool deck edge where you most often enter and exit your swimming pool.  Other causes of chipping of the pool deck surface can be caused by standing water on the pool deck,  minerals in the concrete or even excessive water from your irrigation system.

Concrete Pool Deck – AFTER with  Flagstone Border and Recolor

In this case, the chipping was only in a few areas along the pool deck edge.  The rest of the existing pool deck coating was structurally sound and did not need to be removed.  Our homeowners were ready for a change, so rather than patch the damaged pool deck edges, they decided to change the overall look.

In addition to updating the swimming pool deck, they wanted to include the patio area, which was a basic, gray concrete slab.  After discussing the various coating and design options, they decided on a Flagstone Concrete Coating for the patio and a matching Flagstone Border around the inside edge of the pool deck.  The rest of the pool deck, a textured “cool coating”, was coated with a pigmented acrylic coating in a coordinating color to finish off the look.  For a fraction of the cost of real flagstone, our homeowners were able to combine the flagstone look in both the patio and pool deck areas.

Do you have a concrete pool deck that needs repair?  Call today for your free estimate! Amazon Coatings has provided decorative concrete coatings to the Phoenix Valley since 2001!


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