Concrete Coatings – Questions & Answers

I often get asked…. “Can your coatings be applied outdoors?”, “Can a flagstone coating be applied to my driveway?”, What is the best concrete coating for my swimming pool deck?”, “Can you apply epoxy to my patio?”

My answer is pretty much always the same…. “It is all about the intended purpose of the area and the use of the correct sealer.”  Things to consider when applying a decorative concrete coating:

  1. What conditions will the surface be exposed to?  Will the area be used primarily for foot traffic or vehicle traffic?  Is the area indoor or outdoors?  Will the surface frequently be exposed to water?
  2. What type of finish are you interested in?  A sealed surface is a slick surface, but…. We apply non-skid particles in all of our coatings to minimize the risk of slips and falls.  In addition, if the coating being applied is an overlay; such as a flagstone or tile coating, the final texture of the surface can be adjusted for the intended use.  This is especially useful around swimming pools.
  3. What is the life expectancy of the coating?  The use of a high quality sealer is a must, especially if the coating is applied outdoors or receives vehicle traffic.  Make sure the sealer being used is UV Stable so your coating won’t turn yellow in the sun.  Different sealers provide different life expediencies.  We learned “early on” that it is better to charge “just a little more” and use the best concrete coating sealers!  You won’t be seeing us every year or two for re-seals, our sealers are designed to last 3-5 years or 5-8 years depending on intended use and color.

Don’t be fooled by a cheap price….. it normally means cheap materials and a short lifespan for your coating!

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.  Give us a call today at 480-890-1141.  Our estimates are always free!  Proudly serving Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction and other Phoenix Southeast Valley Cities since 2001!


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