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Epoxy Painted Garage Floor Coating

Garage Epoxy Floor

Look at that garage floor coating…’s like a mirror!   So clean, so neat, but more importantly, it’s functional!

When deciding on a floor coating system for your garage, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

What is the main purpose of my garage?  Garages are designed as a place to park our vehicles!  That sounds all well and good, but our garages serve many other purposes, such as storage areas, play areas for the kids, work shop area for crafts, wood working and vehicle repairs.  For some, the garage becomes an extended area of the home….a place for parties or even a home office.  

What do I want to accomplish by applying a garage floor epoxy coating?  Do want a floor that can be easily cleaned?  Do you want a floor that does not stain if your vehicle leaks oil or other fluids?  Do you want to cover stains that are already there?  Is your concrete damaged or pitted and you want to improve the overall look?  Do you want your garage to look clean and organized?

What are the benefits of a coated garage floor?  Garage Epoxy Floors are sealed!  Fluids do not penetrate; oil from that leaky car are wiped up with a paper towel.  By selecting an epoxy coating in one of our standard colors, existing floor stains are covered.  By applying an epoxy coating to your floor, the pores of the concrete are sealed; they will no longer hold dirt and dust…your floor looks cleaner and IS cleaner.  We can repair damaged concrete, either by patching small areas or providing an upgraded epoxy system suited for your specific needs.

Amazon Coatings has proudly serviced the Phoenix South East Valley for over 15 Years!!  Cities include:  Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Tempe and some parts of Scottsdale.  Let us help you with your garage floor coating project.  

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